Enlab Turkey factory for production of enlab international laboratory furniture

Enlab & Enlab International

The Enlab factory in Istanbul has been producing high-end laboratory furniture for over 20 years. From our factory in Turkey, where around 50 of our experts are working, several projects are started up. Enlab International BV founded in 2011, is located in Vlaardingen, The Netherlands. From Vlaardingen the international market is coordinated.

Specialists with International experience

The Enlab International team has years of laboratory experience. We have specialised ourselves in design, purchase, transport and installation of laboratories. Our project managers guide many clients to a well functioning laboratory environment. The in-house knowledge of laboratories and all associated work enables us to design and deliver the Right Fit. We have provided specialised intensive support of laboratory personnel worldwide, where all ins and outs of safe and enjoyable are covered. The experience of Enlab International with regards to laboratories makes our expertise useable in many different application areas. The whole Enlab International team is ready for new challenges.

In practice – Confusion costs money

We are regularly faced with requests to execute parts of the furniture or related materials in accordance with specific specifications/standards. We then conclude that there seems to be some confusion over the necessary implementation which then costs the client thousands of Euro’s. Enlab International will also keep an eye on what is actually needed and will advise the clients. We have, for instance, advised our client during one of our large projects in the Middle East to purchase intrinsically safe air vents instead of air vents with an ATEX standard (explosion safety) – this saved our client over €30.000. Because each project comes with her own specific requirements we provide tailored advise to prevent unnecessary costs – which is better used on something that benefit you.

Budget Fit – tell me how you do it….


Our expertise is versatile. We develop and implement laboratory furniture for the oil- and gas market, oil refineries, power plants, food- and non-food factories, schools and universities.

Advice (consultancy)

We gladly share our knowledge and experience. This is why we offer professional advice to our clients. Whether it concerns a building team, an architect or an end-user. We can provide support during all stages of the project. At Enlab International we only work with specialists.


Our technical specialists support your project on-shore and off-shore with engineering.


Your new laboratory is finished and ready for use. But our work is not done at that stage. If you would like us to, we can train your staff after completion. To ensure optimal use of the laboratory, we can offer your lab technicians intensive guidance. This ensures we will achieve the highest possible results. Together.

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