Laboratory furniture supplier with a no-nonsense attitude. Enlab International is a specialist in the field of laboratories. We deliver what we promise and what we say is what we do.

Laboratory aboard the Shell Prelude

Shell Prelude laboratory, unique in its field

Prelude FLNG is the largest super tanker ever developed. On this tanker natural gas is transformed into liquefied natural gas (LNG). Client is Royal Dutch Shell. We are so proud of the fact that we were part of the design, the build and the installation of a specialist and high-end laboratory on board of the Prelude FLNG. Despite an array of complex scenario’s and regulations like hurricanes, movement of the ship, maritime regulations, a limited amount of space –  we were able to create and build a suiting design in co-operation with the users. We call this the Right Fit.

What we say is what we do

“I can be really disappointed when a laboratory is not being used after installation through -for instance- re-organisation or the political situation within that country. It is important to look back at a completed project with pride. A good project gives a feeling of great satisfaction; for the client as well as for us.” To look back at a beautiful, working and completed laboratory with the client and the users of the laboratory. To stand there, all together, and come to the same conclusion; “Its Done!”.

Render of laboratory furniture aboard the Shell Prelude

Cost savings up to 30%

Savings of 10-30% on the total investment through our unique Right Fit and Budget Fit approach. We assess what is actually needed and keep record of this to ensure it fits within budget. During projects we are almost always faced with several layers of the organisation; thanks to our years of experience in designing and building laboratories we are able to brainstorm and help in the decision-making on each and every level. Our experience enables us to identify the true requirements and the nice to have’s.

Separate the Bull from the Sh’t

High customer satisfaction by helping the client make the right decisions.
We sell solutions by using our hands-on and substantive knowledge of laboratories. No fuzzy tales or empty promises. We simply do what we promise to do – What we say is what we do. Like our projects and clients we are dynamic; flexible in the execution of the project but also in the installation of the laboratory. We are willing to go the extra mile for a fully working laboratory.

No Bullsh*t, deliver what is needed.

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