Shell Prelude Project FLNG in numbers

Longer than four soccer fields and displacing six times much water as the largest aircraft carrier, the FLNG facility will be the biggest floating production facility in the world.

>600 engineers worked on the facility’s design options

>200 km (125 miles) is the distance from the Prelude field to the nearest land

4 soccer fields, laid end to end, would be shorter than the facility’s deck

175 Olympic-sized swimming pools could hold the same amount of liquid as the facility’s storage tanks

6,700 horsepower thrusters will be used to position the facility

50 million litres of cold water will be drawn from the ocean every hour to help cool the natural gas

6 of the largest aircraft carriers would displace the same amount of water as the facility

93 metres (305 feet) is the height of the turret that runs through the facility, secured to the seabed by mooring lines

-162° Celsius (-260°F) is the temperature at which natural gas turns into LNG

1/600 is the factor by which a volume of natural gas shrinks when it is turned into LNG

117% of Hong Kong’s annual natural gas demand could be met by the facility’s annual LNG production

20-25 years is the time the Prelude FLNG facility will stay at the location to develop gas fields

prelude comparison

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